Empower Your Learning Journey With Us

In 2022, Mr. Gurmeet Sohi launched Desi Economist, a platform designed to share insights on the stock market, trading, and investing. This initiative aims to provide accessible knowledge and guidance for individuals interested in these financial domains.


Since its inception, Desi Economist has evolved from a small sapling into a thriving tree, branching out to offer additional services like Real Estate, Online Courses, and Digital Marketing. The company has established a noteworthy presence on social media, regularly sharing live sessions and videos.


 These updates aim to keep you informed about the latest developments in the financial landscape, ensuring you stay connected with valuable insights and updates. The platform aspires to continue expanding, reaching new heights in the future.  

Our Vision

Desi Economist envisions creating a community that is well-versed in the intricacies of the financial market. This involves fostering a collective understanding and expertise among its members.

The goal is to build a community where individuals not only gain knowledge about the financial market but also actively contribute to its growth and understanding.

Our Mission

At Desi Economist, our mission is to boost awareness about investing and empower both investors and traders to make informed financial decisions.

We strive to provide the necessary tools and knowledge that enable individuals to navigate the financial landscape confidently, ensuring they make sound choices for their financial well-being.

Know Your Educator

Gurmeet Sohi

Gurmeet Singh

Mr. Gurmeet Sohi initiated the Desi Economist platform, aiming to provide valuable insights into the realms of stock market dynamics, trading strategies, and investment practices. 


Backed by his credentials as a certified investor and trader from the Canadian Securities Institute, Gurmeet Singh brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.


His operational methodology defies conventional financial paradigms, as he seeks to offer an authentic portrayal of his personal expedition in the realm of investments.