Live Option Trading Program
Terms and Conditions

Ensure the required funds (50K) are available at the onset and refrain from withdrawing any profits until the completion of the one-year period.


  • Execute regular trades in the specified quantity.
  • Adhere to the system and adjust quantities as necessary, regardless of profit or loss.
  • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of options and trading concepts.


Expected Returns:

Anticipated returns range between 40% to 400% annually.

Returns are calculated based on gross profit (Before Commissions and Charges).



Despite most trades being risk-defined, anticipated drawdow

ns can be substantial and may reach 100% in extraordinary circumstances.


Fee Structure:

The full one-year fee ($2400 CAD) must be paid in advance, inclusive of a complimentary option course.

Refunds may be issued if the gross 40% return target is not met, subject to mutual agreement or applied to the next year’s fee.

Refunds will be denied if trades are not executed as instructed. The option course fee ($400 CAD) is non-refundable.



More Than Life Corp. reserves the right to terminate the contract immediately. In the event of termination initiated by the provider, the program fee will be settled as follows:


  • In case of loss or break-even, a full fee refund will be provided.
  • In the case of profit, refunds will be adjusted accordingly (Fee – profit = remaining amount).
  • If a subscriber opts to discontinue enrollment and cease trading at any point, no program fee or insurance amount will be refunded.